Hello and welcome! Not too long ago I was playing a piece for a student. After I finished, there was a long silence before he said to me, “It’s amazing! While I was listening to you, I suddenly remembered the first time I ever heard the guitar, and then I was reliving that moment. I could see the light of the afternoon sun and feel the breeze coming through the window in front of me. It’s like I was there!” It is precisely that ability of the guitar to evoke and even invoke other times and other places, which draws people to it. I, too, remember the first time I ever heard the guitar. As I stood before the loudspeaker, listening to a recording of Andrés Segovia, I felt I was recalling experiences I’d never had and seeing places I didn’t know existed! Filled with the beauty of the music, I was also seized by a nostalgia of great poignancy; for what, or for whom, I did not know. I felt my life had changed, and I was right! Within a few days I had purchased a guitar and I’ve been playing ever since. Yet, after all these years, I love the guitar and music more than ever. It is my joy to share that love with others. Here at larrysnitzler.com, you'll be able to learn about my latest musical activities; upcoming performances, recent recordings, etc. I'll also be including some music samples, a bio, reviews, photos and links to the websites of friends, along with other websites I find useful or interesting.  I’ll try to keep things up to date, but honestly, it’s more fun to perform, practice, or teach than it is to maintain the site! Even so, in addition to refreshing the Calendar dates more often, I’ll be adding photos and musings from time to time, so check in when you’ve got a moment: something of interest will have been added!