Summer Music Update 

Andrés Segovia and the Guitar Today: DATE CHANGE!

Please note we have moved up the date by one week to: July 20.

João Figueirôa, the young Brazilian virtuoso and Larry Snitzler, who has performed in 20 countries and who knew Andrés Segovia personally for 25 years, will offer a three-hour presentation discussing the importance of the great Spanish master, both in the past, and for today's generation of guitarists. Mr. Snitzler will play solos by Moreno-Torroba, Villa-Lobos and Segovia; the…

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Summer Music 

The Eclectic Guitars: A Tangle of Tangos

On June 7, the Eclectic Guitars, LarrySnitzler & Rick Whitehead, serve up a platter of new pieces: eight tangos we've just added to our repertoire by Piazzolla, Almeida, Cardoso & Dyens.

Segovia and the Guitar Today:

On July 27, Brazilian virtuoso João Figueirôa and I join forces in a three-hour presentation in which we discuss the relevance, today, of the great Andrés Segovia, my former teacher and mentor. João and I will close out the program by…

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The weather in the Washington area is beautiful just now: sunny days with moderate temperatures and, (temporarily), low humidity; not unlike that of Andalucía. So, take advantage of this clement climate and come listen to one of my upcoming performances of a program I call ¡Sevilla! I’ll be presenting some really beautiful Spanish pieces by Milan, Sor, Moreno-Torroba, Falla and, especially… Turina’s Sevillana-Fantasía. Along with all this, I’ll be playing music by Poulenc and Villa-Lobos and featuring…

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Hit the Beach! (As in Bethany)... and some new photos. 

I hope to see you in Bethany Beach, Delaware, on July 31: Rick Whitehead & I, (aka the Eclectic Guitars), have prepared some light summer fare, including an arrangement I just made of Corcovado, by Darius Milhaud. (Check my Calendar for details). Great music, plus the beach... what's not to like?! Also take a look at the photo gallery: I've made some recent additions, including a shot of Rick and me, along with some others of Carlos Barbosa-Lima and Roland Dyens. Thanks for coming by. Larry

May, 2010 Update 

CHANGE OF DATE! Sorry, friends, but there was just no way of getting the new CD, Fantasía,  to press in time for May 28. Along with some minor health problems, (not to worry, all is well!), Snowmaggedon hit the Washington, D.C. area early in the year and wiped out two recording dates, plus several days of university teaching, all of which had to be made up. Add to that a few final recitals for graduating students and the preparations for the second annual Roland Dyens Guitar Rendezvous (June 5 throughRead more

Cincinnati, Yes! 

I’m delighted to announce that Clare Callahan, Chair of the Guitar Department of the Cincinatti Conservatory of Music, has invited me back to participate for next summer, to participate in the 24th CCM Classical Guitar Workshop. It’s too early to say exactly what I’ll be doing, but it will undoubtedly be a mix of performance, teaching and my special “Form & Analysis for Performers” presentations , that I love to offer. Check the calendar for dates and contact info.

Lyceum Date Change-Yet Again ! 

Please Note Due to injury, the date for my Lyceum recital has been put forward to Friday, May 2, 2008, at 8:00pm. The injury was to my right thumb, but not to worry! After an intensive course of physical therapy, I’m back at it and doing better than ever, though I went through a couple of scary weeks, I can tell you. While I’m practicing and playing well again, there was enough of an interruption to my routine, that I simply need more time to put my repertoire back together. I could have…Read more

June Update 

Okay! Here are dates for Cincinatti and some other info about what I'm doing this summer SUMMER FUN I The Cincinatti Conservatory of Music Guitar Workshop opens July 23 and lasts through the 29th. On Tuesday, the 24th, at 1:30pm, I'll play Sor's Andante Largo, Op. 5, No. 5; then we'll look into how the piece is structured and how that might influence both the way you practice it & especially the way you perform it. On Thursday, July 26, I'll do the same thing for two pieces from Moreno-Torroba's…

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