Lyceum Date Change-Yet Again !

Please Note Due to injury, the date for my Lyceum recital has been put forward to Friday, May 2, 2008, at 8:00pm. The injury was to my right thumb, but not to worry! After an intensive course of physical therapy, I’m back at it and doing better than ever, though I went through a couple of scary weeks, I can tell you. While I’m practicing and playing well again, there was enough of an interruption to my routine, that I simply need more time to put my repertoire back together. I could have rescheduled for earlier than next May, but this way I have time to work on some other projects, which I’ll be letting you know about a bit later. Meanwhile, don’t forget I’ll be playing Guastavino’s "Las Presencias", for guitar and string quartet, with the Lake String Quartet in Fairfax, VA, on March 30, 2008. Check the Calendar for venue and time.

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