June Update

Okay! Here are dates for Cincinatti and some other info about what I'm doing this summer. SUMMER FUN I The Cincinatti Conservatory of Music Guitar Workshop opens July 23 and lasts through the 29th. On Tuesday, the 24th, at 1:30pm, I'll play Sor's Andante Largo, Op. 5, No. 5; then we'll look into how the piece is structured and how that might influence both the way you practice it & especially the way you perform it. On Thursday, July 26, I'll do the same thing for two pieces from Moreno-Torroba's "Castles of Spain": Torija, & Manzanares. These are all beautiful pieces. Come by to hear them and, with any luck, you'll walk away having learned something useful, as well! The virtuoso Chilean guitarist, Carlos Perez and the remarkable scholar/guitarist, Stanley Yates, will be featured this year, which marks the 23rd incarnation of this festival, under the direction of the unstoppable Clare Callahan. Don't miss it: they must be doing something right! SUMMER FUN II Jazz guitarist Rick Whithead, & I have begun rehearsing together. We're having a great time exploring everything from Bach to Bossa-Nova, blues to jazz standards. I'll let you know as soon as we've put a program together and decide to take it on the road. (Go to my "links" page to navigate to his web page.) SUMMER FUN III I begin recording a new CD in July. There will be works by Sor, de Murcia, Weiss, Manén, and Turina, among others. More later. Thanks for coming by.

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